The creation of the OEM Bargain logo

The creation of the OEM Bargain logo

Deciding how to design a logo is never an easy task. It is usually a planned combination of colors, texts and images portrayed in a symbol that becomes the face of a company. Our logo carries these elements and we want to share the story behind it.

Color has a powerful subconscious effect on our lives. In business, the color of a brand complements its mission statement and enhances its profile if successful. Our company logo is built around elements of green and we’re going to share our rationale behind this decision.

Green is associated with growth and vitality. Psychologically, it represents balance and harmony that promotes good decision making. Physiologically, it represents a sense of calm. But in business, green can have a variety of meanings.

Why green?

The biggest reason why we chose green is due to its representation of growth. As a platform built to connect vendors and manufacturers to retail and business customers, our goal is to provide wholesale prices for volume purchases. We want to be the company that provides the raw resources to promote business growth.

In addition to growth, green is also associated with freshness. While we are familiar with brick-and-mortar wholesalers (Costco, Sam’s Club), we felt that the opportunities online were limited. Our goal was to create a fresh online shopping experience by bringing together the elements of wholesale and marketplace.

The OB panda design

For our brand, we used a panda as our logo design. Pandas go hand in hand with the color green and also carry a unique symbolism that fits our business mold.

Pandas are also a symbol of friendship that we wish to emulate. Our mission is to give manufacturers the opportunity to extend their hand to consumers, to help them realize the value being offered. We strive to preserve this peace by providing excellent customer service and shipping turnaround.

Last but not least, pandas are rare in nature. Although online transactions are common, we feel that it is rare to see product listings that explicitly show the amount of savings available. We don’t want it to be a rare sighting on our platform so you will always see the amount you can save at OEM Bargain.

Now that you have read this post, we hope you learned about our business and our design choice!

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